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| Architecture 
| Neuro-architecture 

 Improve wellbeing 
through office design 

ensure your employees' well-being and prevent burn-out through office design (at home and at work)

- Fiona Beenkens -

Architect specialized in wellbeing & founder of BetterAtHome 

BetterAtHome and Neuro-Architecture

BetterAtHomes' advice is the result of what is called neuro-architecture, a discipline that studies the influence of the environment on brain processes and on the human behavior.

About Fiona

My name is Fiona Beenkens, founder of BetterAtHome, a company that improves wellbeing through architecture. 


Part of my expertise, is to study the direct link between office design and fatigue, stress & burnout.


Today, my mission is to give you the keys to ensure your employees welll-being and prevent burn-out through office design (at home and at work)


Discover the role of space design in hybrid working

I would recommend you listen to this episode if your company : 

🍁 offers to work remotely at least one day/week

🍁 takes care of their teams wellbeing

🍁 starts a construction or renovation process

🍁 has high rates of stress, absence and turn-over

How can I help you ?

BetterAtHome can help your company invest in your teams mental health through keynotes, workshops and individual sessions. 



Goal : raise awereness

How :  through a keynote that will help your team understand the link between their workspace at home and their wellbeing



Goal : work in the best possible environment

How : through a participative workshop in which we look in detail at the office spaces of each participant.

0408 - Fiona - BPD - WEB--5.jpg

Individual sessions

Goal : get the office you need 

How : through individual sessions, each individual gets personnalisez advice in function of their own needs and personalities.

Your company is changing or renovating offices?

Discover how you can create office spaces that support well-being, mental health and your company's growth.


 BetterAtHome and partners 

Improving mental health is a life long journey. BetterAtHome partnered up with major agents in BENELUX in the field of well-being at work to give you the most holistic approach. 


Improves Well-being In companies in Brussels and Wallonia since 2015

Workinjoy, bien-être en entreprise


Helps companies implement sustainable health all around Belgium.

Energylab, keynote on home office design, work from home keynote

Good Habitz

Proposes online training courses for companies, including awareness programs for mental health

Goodhabitz, wellbeing at work, hybrid working, mental health

 They invested in their employees well-being 

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