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 Construction and renovation 

Consultancy in neuro-architecture

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Is your company about to create new office spaces?


A new office design can be exciting. You are at the right address if you want your (new) office design to match our basic human  needs for mental and physical health.

Who am I ?

My name is Fiona Beenkens, founder of BetterAtHome, a company that improves wellbeing through architecture. 


Part of my expertise, is to study the direct link between office design and fatigue, stress & burnout.


Today, my mission is to provide office spaces (at work and at home) that go beyond the aesthetics. Spaces that are thought function the human brain.

Why invest in neuro-architecture ?

🏠 You want to meet the needs of your entire company (extroverts and introverts)

🏠 You want to help support productivity and creativity

🏠 You want to counter fatigue

🏠 You want to support positive vibes

🏠 You want to promote team work and communication

🏠 You want to stop headaches (yes, they often are related to space design).

Never heard about Neuro-Architecture before ? In this podcast episode you'll find everything there is to know.

Tennis de table au bureau

Often, we think that having a ‘fancy office’ will be sufficient to attract satisfaction and growth. I have bad news for you. Implementing a ping pong table, a playstation and a basket of fruits in your office spaces is not sufficient if you want to prevent fatigue, burn-out and turnover. It is going to be satisfying for two or three weeks, but this satisfaction won’t be sustainable.


(read the article on why fancy offices create short term happiness).

The mistake made worldwide...

I can help your company if:

🏠 The renovation/construction process hasn’t begun yet

🏠 The renovation/construction process has started on paper (plans)

🏠 The renovation/construction process is over but you still need to choose colors

🏠 The renovation/construction process is over but you still need to pick and organize the furniture

🏠 You know your offices need change but you don't know where to start

You plan on having full open spaces, huge glazed walls and black ceilings?  Please don't... here is why.

What to expect ? 

Every project is different, my objective is to adapt to the needs of your company.

The consultancy I propose is adapted to the size of your project and organisation. Whether you are a start-up, a scale-up or a multinational, I propose we discuss the possibilities together

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 They invested in their employees well-being 

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