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Home Office Design

The key to make hybrid work sustainable

Part of my mission is to help companies understand the importance of Home Office Design. The past two years, working from home has shown an enourmous amount of satisfaction, giving to the employees a feeling of flexibility and freedom.


Unfortunately, working from home has also negative side-effects for mental health (disconnection, pressure, stress, work-life balance, ...)

The home environment in which your team works is part of the key to make hybrid work sustainable on the long run. I consider it as crucial to raise awareness about the consequences of working from home on mental health. 

Home Office Design, Fiona Beenkens, architect investing in home office design

My mission

Discover the role of space design in hybrid working in this latest podcast.

how to improve my work office from home

What is Home Office Design ?

Home Office Design is a term that I, Fiona Beenkens, architect and founder of BetterAtHome implemented in 2021.


In the B2C sector, the demand for improving offices at home has strongly increased.

It has been very interesting to testify, as an expert in neuro-architecture, the link between my client's levels of fatigue and exhaussement with the room they worked in at home.


It has always been the role of the company to provide the best possible work environnement (called officedesign). Today, I think it is the role of the B2B sector to offer concrete solutions to improve the work environment at home, therefore called "HomeOfficeDesign".

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