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Individual sessions

Your teams work space at home

Help your team have the best work conditions at home through individual sessions. 

Every individual is different. Having an office space that is arranged and organized in function of your employee's behavior is the best move you can do to prevent fatigue, burn-out and turnover. 

The sessions is given by Fiona Beenkens, and architect that combines design and psychology. Together, we look at the available space, the sources of distraction, the colors to avoid or to favor. 

Every employee is different: extrovert, introvert, hypersensitive, hyperactive, ... having a space at home adapted to their own needs is an investment for their mental health as well as for the growth of your company. 

How to help my employees organize their workspace at home

 They invested in their employees well-being 


After the workshop your employee : 

🏠 Knows exactly how to organize best his workspace

🏠 Receives personal tools to disconnect from work 

🏠 Knows which decoration to avoid or add to remove distraction

🏠 Knows which color he needs to nourish motivation and high energy

🏠 Knows how to adapt the space to his needs (introverts, extroverts, hypersensitive, ...)

Home office design, Fiona Beenkens, neuro-architect

Office spaces with white walls at home: white is a color that gives a feeling of coldness and solitude. Working from home is already challenging for many in terms of isolation and loneliness. 4 white walls is typically a color that will lead to fatigue, exhaussement and lack of motivation. 

At least 30% of the population has an office facing a wall, it's the best arrangement to gain space, but it is also the position that tires the brain the most and that causes headaches.

The two most made mistakes:


The ideal formula is to book a keynote first. After the keynote you can propose to your team to sign up for an individual session on a specific date we decide together. 

Fiona Beenkens workshop, homeofficedesign, how to disconnect when working from home

 They invested in their employees well-being 

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