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The role of our work space (at home) for mental health

The main cause of burn-out stays the inability to disconnect. With hybrid working, disconnection becomes harder and harder. We are asked to bring work to our home and family without thinking about the consequences for our brain's capacity to disconnect.

What does that do to our mental health and how can we preserve our work-life balance ? Fiona, Neuro-architect, explains how the importance of the work environment at home is completely forgotten. Some employees have no choice than to work from their kitchen table and others work all day in their pijama's. This keynote will help your team raise awareness about the do's and dont's in their work space at home.  

Homeofficedesign, work from home, workspace at home

 They invested in their employees well-being 


What your team will learn: 

🏠 How their workspace can be the cause of their fatigue and headaches

🏠 The mistakes every individual makes in its office space at home

🏠 The attention points at work to diminish fatigue and over-stimuli

🏠 Tools to disconnect from work (when at home)

🏠 Which colors they should avoid in their work environment at home

🏠 Adapt their space to their needs (introverts, extroverts, hypersensitive, ...)

More than 300 employees have followed the keynote (FR): 

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The content of the keynote is flexible and can be adapted to the needs of your company. I will be happy to answer to your questions through the form bellow :

Thank you, I will answer asap.

Fiona Beenkens keynote, homeofficedesign, how to disconnect when working from home

 They invested in their employees well-being 

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