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Which budget per employee should you spent on Home Office Design?

What are companies budgets today for Home Office Design?

I have done some research…

Apparently, if a company already invests 400€ per employee in Home Office Design, it is a wonder.

If you receive 400€ for your Office Design at Home, what would you buy?

- An ergonomic chair?

- A stand-up desk?

- A mouse?

- A second or third screen?

No way you can buy them all with that budget.

Don’t get me wrong, it is totally understandable that a company today doesn’t see Home Office Design as a priority.

But the world is changing, and adaptation is needed.

Really !!!

If you want your company to keep growing with #hybrid work, with motivated teams and with as less burnouts and turnovers as possible, Home Office Design has to be considered….

Are you aware of the COST it represents to create a fancy office?

Have you ever designed an office?

Have you ever been in the process of office design?

Are you aware of the cost of a silent room?

Are you aware of the cost of acoustics?

Are you aware of the cost of every desk and every chair there is in your office spaces?

Here is what I believe you should invest for Home Office Design per employee (one shot investment):

- A total package for ergonomic furniture (around 2000€)

- Personalized advice/employee (30 minutes/person) = 80€/employee

- Personalized or groups advice for the interior organization of their space at home (45minutes/person): 120€/employee

Read this article if you would like to understand why investing in Home Office Design is so important.


How can BetterAtHome help you ?

Fiona, architect and founder of BetterAtHome proposes 2 formulas that can help you invest wisely in HomeOfficeDesign.

  1. Group workshops. A group of 10 people per two hour workshop. Every employee knows exactly what to do in their available space

  2. Individual sessions. Fiona spends a day giving personalized consultancy to your employees si that they can work in the best environment.

Contact :

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