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Improve the work environment at home

Help your team have the best work conditions at home through this participative workshop. 


Not everyone has a separated work space available at home. Some employees work in their living room, some in their kitchen and some in their bedroom. 

Fiona, architect specialized in Neuro-Architecture (the study of how the brain reacts to space) proposes workshop in small groups to help each employee make the best out of their available office space at home. The groups get to draw a sketch of their office space, we discuss the organization of the fourniture, the decoration and the colors

 They invested in their employees well-being 


What your team will learn : 

🏠 Where they should position their offie to counter fatigue and headaches

🏠 What they can do to disconnect from work at home

🏠 Which decoration they should avoid in their environment 

🏠 What to do if they have no choice but to work in their living room or bedroom

🏠 Which colors they should avoid and which colors could be great for them 

🏠 How to adapt their space to their needs (introverts, extroverts, hypersensitive, ...)

Workshop homeofficedesign Fiona Beenkens, neuro-architect. Architect hybrid working

Often, companies think that they already invested in Home Office Design through ergonomics (chairs, desks, educations). Ergonomics is crucial for physical health yet it is not enough. For mental health, it is way to often forgotten to consider the importance of the organization of the fourniture in space.


Your team can have the best chair and office in the market, if they are positioned facing a wall, their brain will be drained at the end of the they, their fatigue will increase, their motivation will be absent and it might even be the cause of repetitive headaches. 

The mistake made worldwide...

More than 300 employees have followed the workshop (FR): 

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Never has someone walked out of the workshop without changing at least one thing in their workspace. 


I will be happy to answer to your questions through the form bellow :

Thank you, I will answer asap.

Fiona Beenkens workshop, homeofficedesign, how to disconnect when working from home

 They invested in their employees well-being 

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